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Villa F | Mohamed Amine Siana

Villa F | Mohamed Amine Siana

Villa F Casablanca tries to feature a philosophical discourse between tradition and modernity. The morphology is conceived as a contemporary update of the modernist architecture of Casablanca and as well as an evolution of the Moroccan way of life. The client wanted to have a feeling of openness in the house away from praying eyes.

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The Last Glass House | Thomashoff + Partner Architects

The Last Glass House | Thomashoff + Partner Architects

"The last Glass House" is situated on the rocky outcrop of the Westcliff Ridge, with a view to the west, through existing electricity pylons, over a valley, with Auckland Park and Melville in the background. The brief was simple: A dwelling for an artist: a Bedroom Suite with an en-suite Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining area, Lounge area, Study area, and a Guest Room facility. Ancillary facilities include a swimming pool, Staff Quarters, and Storage.

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Children’s Home in Nosy Be | Aut Aut Architettura

Children’s Home in Nosy Be | Aut Aut Architettura

Giovanna per il Madagascar Onlus is an NPO active in Madagascar for 20 years now. More specifically it operates in Nosy Be island, assisting children affected by diabetes and limb malformations. Since Madagascar is characterized by high poverty and low literacy rates, the NGO is undertaking a new mission to help abandoned children, providing them with a home where to sleep and where daily meals are available, a place where they can be treated by doctors and a community where they can study and play.

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Imbizo House | KSR Architects and Interior Designers

Imbizo House | KSR Architects and Interior Designers

Imbizo House is a holiday home set high in the hills above the picturesque fishing town of Knysna on South Africa’s Western Cape. The three-bedroom house was commissioned by a South African client and his family who live in the UK but wanted a second home where they could bring together both branches of their family.

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