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The brief called for the design of a new transport interchange for Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre. Facilities include a taxi and bus terminals, offices for the interchange management, ablution facilities, trading facilities and pedestrian bridge across the railway line.

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This is the second-largest interchange in the Western Cape with over a 1000 taxis operating from here on a daily basis. An Urban Design Plan and transport study formed the basis of this project. One of the design criteria was also to deal with the harsh climate during the winter and summer and to make the interchange between the various modes of transport as seamless, safe and comfortable as possible.

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The project proposes 7th Avenue running parallel to the station to be pedestrianised. Three separate taxi terminals are proposed at the edges of the pedestrianised Town Centre, acting as magnets to draw people through the Town Centre, keeping it vibrant and alive. A large central marketplace allows informal traders to relocate from the congested malls in the Town Centre. The Urban Design Framework is used to get buy-in from the various interested and affected groupings. It increases the value of the existing Town Centre by making it safer and more attractive to consumers. It enhances the value of undeveloped land and viability of future development through the strategic positioning of the various transportation facilities.

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The taxi and bus shelters were designed to give protection to the commuters during inclement weather, while still providing a light and attractive environment with good ventilation to remove exhaust fumes. The same section profile was used for both terminals, based on a modular design that would enable future expansion if needed. The sides were brought down to provide protection against the elements, cladding them in GRP sheeting to allow light through during the day and to let out at night and early mornings to light up the environment. From the architects.

Client: Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre
Building Area: N/A
Completion: 2008
Address: Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre, Western Cape



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