Mandela Capture Site | Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects

Mandela Capture Site | Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects
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The Sculpture of Mandela by Marco Cianfanelli has become an iconic marker on the landscape. We placed it in the landscape by cutting into the slope, creating a gentle ramp to the point from which the best vantage point is found.

© Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects

 The 50 pieces of steel then line up to form the famous image. The effect is quite surprising and the interactivity a welcome relief from the bronze statues that are starting to be placed around the country. The new space will be developed as a narrative history exhibition focused on Mandela and will begin to engage with the history of KwaZulu-Natal too.

© Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects

The exhibition space is a walk-through exhibit that is linked to a loop route that takes you to the sculpture and back to the parking and visitor facilities. It is likely this loop will later be animated with text panels and sculptural interventions. The building is wrapped entirely in Rheinzink, adding a dark charcoal colour to the walls and roof, which contrasts with the white interior.

© Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects

The polished concrete floor and windows frame significant landscape features and the route to the sculpture. The finish of vertical lines of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm sheet widths respond to the vertical sculpture from the side and the tall trees of the forests beyond.

© Mashabane Rose Associates + Architects

Currently, under construction, the building is scheduled for completion at the end of 2014. It will be left in a landscape of grass to frame it as a minimal sculptural piece. From the architects.

Client: Mandela Capture Site
Building Area: N/A
Completion: 2014
Address: Howick, KwaZulu Natal