House Liebmann | Daffonchio and Associates

House Liebmann | Daffonchio and Associates
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Clean lined, brickwork and steel structure appears to emerge from the landscape. The earthy base structure of the house creeps out from the hilly landscape where light floating roofs that extend over the patio create an open air entertainment area.

Daffonchio and Associates

The buildings are dispersed on the site but are connected visually by a striking walkway, which acts as the spine to the site. Private bedrooms are set back from the public entertainment area and have views that look out onto the Magaliesburg mountains and the rolling hills of the eco-estate.

Daffonchio and Associates

Passive solar louvres that run along the length of the living area allow for winter sun to penetrate the space while keeping it out in summer. The clerestorey windows give an impression of a floating roof and give the internal entertainment area a light, tranquil feel with a connection to the external landscape. Text from the architects

Building Area: N/A
Completion: N/A
Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
Photographer:  Daffonchio and Associates