Rwanda Cricket Stadium | Light Earth Designs

The RCSF is not only building a future for Cricket in Rwanda, but is facilitating reconciliation, and the rebuilding of communities through the essential values of cricket. Light Earth Designs- an integrated architectural and structural consultancy specialized in sustainable technologies and communities- takes us through the design of the first dedicated international cricket ground in Rwanda. (more…)

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Luanda Multisports Pavilion | Berger Arquitectos

Angola has been undergoing a remarkable development process for the last decade, showing a significant economic growth and a progressive improvement in the quality of life of its population. It is a key country in the context of the African continent and an important regional power for the promotion of peace and prosperity in the region. (more…)

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Wifaq Sport Center | Groupe3 Architectes

Located in the heart of the Souissi district in Rabat, the Wifaq club benefits from a rich landscape heritage. Upon entering, the visitor finds himself in a particular site, open…

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Newton Park Swimming Pool | Thembela Architects

The brief required of the architects to convert the existing Newton Park Pool, built in the 1950’s, from an open-air unheated pool to an indoor heated pool of international standard. Budgetary constraints dictated the retention of the existing concrete grandstand which had to be incorporated within a new clear spanning structure without either imposing additional loads on existing structures or impeding sight lines to the pool.

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Nike Football Training Centre | Design Africa Space

The Football Training Centre. Soweto (FTC.S) was an existing football training ground for approximately 1200 youth clubs under the administration of Soweto Football Association. The objective of the new centre…

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