French Embassy in Accra | Segond-Guyon Architectes

The project is located within the French Ambassador Residence in Ghana. This site is remarkable due to the architecture value of the Building, rare colonial architecture from the 50’s, and the quality of the 3ha Park’s landscape. The architectural language of the new Embassy finds its inspiration in the respect of these two major components of the site.


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Watershed | Wolff Architects

This design demonstrates how an educational institution can show leadership in the formation of the city that would serve interests beyond those of the proposed business incubator alone. Instead of locating the business incubator in a portion of the existing industrial shed (as required in the brief), the design team proposed a new street throughout the entire shed that sets up an urban pedestrian network which connects several popular areas around the shed.

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TFG Extension | Rich Brown Architects

The new 13000m2 design centre for the TFG forms part of the company’s vision of becoming the leading retail manufacturer. The design is a bold solution which meets the clients brief while responding to the Industrial and commercial nature of the site.

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Vergelegen Restoration | Revel Fox Architects

After Willem Adriaan van der Stel was forced to return to the Netherlands, Vergelegen went through a succession of owners until 1917 when Sir Lionel Phillips purchased the property for his wife, Lady Florence Phillips, who transformed the dilapidated Estate into a floral and cultural treasure trove.

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012 Central | dhk Architects

The renovation of a large industrial shed tucked away in Pretoria’s CBD was carried out with a very light touch, providing amenities for its use as an events space while maintaining the integrity of the industrial fabric.

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